Our Top Tips for Getting the Kids Away from the Screens

Our Top Tips for Getting the Kids Away from the ScreenNo matter what age your kids are, it’s likely that they love the screen. It might be the iPad, television or computer screen, but kids today are usually familiar with them at an early age and it can be difficult to drag them away sometimes. One way to entice rather than dictate they leave the screens alone is to tie in their offscreen life with their onscreen one. At PoundToy, we offer a huge range of cheap toys for a pound which creates quick and easy ways to get the kids off the screen, have a look at all of our top tips below...

Start with Jigsaws and Other Games

Jigsaw puzzles don’t go out of style for kids. They remain a brilliant way of developing hand-eye coordination and they’re a very tactile experience. You might struggle getting them to the table (or on to the floor), but they’ll likely want to stay when they’re settled. Fortunately, we’ve got some great tie-ins that meld their favourite shows with jigsaw puzzles. Whether they’re fans of Scooby Doo or Minions, there’s a jigsaw for them. If you don’t think a jigsaw’s going to distract them, you could always teach them how to play Top Trumps with their favourite characters from Frozen or Doc McStuffins.
children blowing bubbles

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Tie-ins to their favourite shows can include something so small as a bubble container. It might look like a boring little canister to you, but kids like linking their fun to something they enjoy. It also makes the experience more valuable in their eyes, as though they’re blowing bubbles at Olaf. This links with imaginative games (see below), but it’s also a brilliant way to get them paying attention to something other than a screen.

Stimulate Their Imaginations

One of the best things about kids is their ability to use their imaginations for wondrous things. Kids have vivid inner lives and, sometimes, all they need is a little encouragement to unleash them. Whether their favourite characters are from My Little Pony or Disney Planes, there are figures or toys that will help their imaginations take flight and take them away from the screen.
children doing arts and crafts

Enter the Marvel Universe

Marvel toys are everywhere at the moment. Thanks to a string of successful movies building on a set of characters that have been loved by kids for generations, there are no end of tie-in opportunities to help parents get their kids away from the iPad. Start with a stationery set, for instance, and encourage them to draw their favourite characters. Sure, their Spiderman might be shaped a little strangely, but the effort will encourage them to copy what they know from the screen and improve their motor skills. Or why not invest in a blind bag as a reward for doing something well. You never know – that cute keyring could become an adventure buddy as they venture into the unknown universe of the garden.

Keep it Relaxed

Here’s one more thing about kids that all parents know – if you want to get them to do something, it can be ten times more difficult to accomplish it when they know what you’re up to. If they perceive what you’re trying to do as a deliberate attempt to “spoil their fun”, they’ll be resistant to it. That’s why pulling their favourite characters and shows into the mix helps – they’re already invested in those, and it’ll be far harder for them to resist playing with characters they already love.
We would love to hear about what you do to get your kids off the screen. Let us know in the comment box below...

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