Our Top 10 Girls Toys this Summer

Girls Toys

The summer season has arrived and PoundToy™ is celebrating in style. Have a look at our Top 10 Girls Toys this summer, featuring a huge variety of pools & outdoor toys, slime, surprise eggs and bubble toys, perfect for bringing home the excitement of the sunny season. Explore our top 10 girls toys below...

1) Dreamworks Trolls Keychains

Dreamworks Trolls Keychains

Join the Trolls and take them wherever you go with the Dreamworks Trolls Keychains. Clip them onto any set of keys, notebook, pencil case or backpack, great for showing off your Trolls love! Each Suprise Egg includes 1 Trolls keyring and pink capsule. Exploring with the Trolls has never been so simple! 

2) Finding Dory Soft Ball

Finding Dory Soft Ball

Have endless hours of fun and enjoyment with the Finding Dory Soft Ball, perfect for fun in and outside. The softball helps your little ones develop motor skills whilst encouraging throwing, rolling and kicking! Kids who love Finding Dory will love playing with the softball. 

3) Intex Beach Ball

Intex Beach Ball

Having fun at the pool or in the back garden has never been so easy when you have the Intex Beach Ball. Ideal for classic pool games including catch, dodgeball and relays, kids won't be able to hold their excitement! This bright and colourful ball is great for endless fun in the water. 

4) Make Your Own Unicorn 

 Make Your Own Unicorn

Create a new best friend to take on mystical adventures using the Make Your Own Unicorn kit. This kit includes everything your little princess will need to make their own unicorn, perfect for craft and creative enthusiasts. The set includes ribbons, stuffing, plush shapes, screw nose and eyes, thread, sewing need and instructions.

5) Unicorn Slime

Unicorn Slime

Bounce, play, mould and squish the Unicorn Slime! Kids won't be able to hold back their excitement when they're in slime heaven, join the Unicorns and take them wherever you go. Includes clime and capsule. Who doesn't love slime? Mermaid Slime also available.  

6) Peppa Pig Bubble Sword 

Peppa Pig Bubble Sword

Become a bubble blowing machine with the Peppa Pig Bubble Sword! Blowing giant bubbles has never been so easy, simply open the bubble sword and wave around in the air, watch as bubbles fly out of the wand. Great for hours of fun at the park, garden or on the go.

7) My Little Pony Bubble Play Set

My Little Pony Bubble Play Set

Send your favourite My Little Pony characters on a bubble blowing adventure into the sky, The My Little Pony Bubble Play Set is the must-have for any Pony fan! Featuring 3 character fun toppers, 2 bubble wands, tray and bubble solution. Blow bubbles all day with My Little Pony.

8) Intex 8ft Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy Set Pool

 The Intex Easy Set 8ft Pool is perfect for both kids and adults alike, bring home the swimming pool to the comfort of your back garden. Play & relax all day long in the huge 8ft pool, suitable for an afternoon of fun for the kids and a relaxing evening for adults. 

9) My Little Pony Squishy Pop

 My Little Pony Squishy Pops

Bring together all your favourite My Little Pony characters which are now available as Squishy Pops. Who will you get inside? Collect all your favourites, including Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and many more. Squish and pop all day with the My Little Pony Squishy Pops! Also, add to any other Squishy Pops Sets.

10) Create Your Own Sand Art Bottles

Create Your Own Sand Art Bottles

Create your own masterpiece with the Create Your Own Sand Art Bottles. Simply choose which colour sand to use and gently filter through the whole, creating an amazing design! Perfect for a crafts enthusiast or to use on a rainy day, the Sand Art Bottles make great displays. 

11) *BONUS* Cheap Birthday Cards

Cheap Birthday Cards - Disney Princess

Not forgetting, at PoundToy™‎ we have a huge collection of Cheap Birthday Cards, providing the perfect finishing touches to any present or party. Featuring character favourites from the Princess and Minnie Mouse world.

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What's everybody excited for this summer?

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