Our 'Top 10 Toys For Boys' This Christmas

We have put together a gift guide featuring PoundToy's Top 10 gifts for boys this Christmas. Check out our top 10 best sellers so far this year, as ordered by our customers! (click the image to find out more about each toy).


Splatter Face
Splatter Face is a fun, fast paced and family action game which creates suspense for everyone involved. Just put whipped cream, jelly or slime (not provided) on the splatting board of the game unit, then put your face through the mask. Turn the handles, it could splat at anytime, lets hope its not you!

Splatter Face Game

Thomas & Friends Wood Chipper
There is a big job to do! The perfect product for the biggest Thomas fans to make play time even better. The wood chipper has an easy to turn drum, when turned it passes the block through and under the chipper on the conveyor belt. Inside, the wood shavings tumble and turn, giving a feeling that the block is being chipped.

Make Your Own WWE Championship Belt
Step into the world of wrestling and create your own wrestling belt so that you can become king of the ring today. Use the black foam, glitter shapes, mosaic tiles and sticker sheets to create a belt like the ones worn by your favourite wrestlers! This is an easy to use set meaning the children as young as 5 can get involved and be creative. 

Minions Magnetic Drawing Board
Doodle, draw and write with the Minions from Despicable Me. This drawing board will let your kids creativity and imagination go free as they sit down and have fun. The board comes with a magnetic pen and eraser swipe, so after you have finished you can slide to start over again.

Luke Trackmaster™ Train
It’s full steam ahead for all Thomas lovers with the Luke Thomas & Friends TrackMaster™ train from Fisher-Price. Play and race with some of your favourite Thomas trains around the TrackMaster™ track. Team up Luke with the rest of the Thomas & Friends characters!

Transformers Monopoly
This Transformers Monopoly Board Game is exclusive to PoundToy at a special price of £16.00. The evil Decepticons are once again plotting to take over the Earth, but they face a mighty challenge: The courageous Autobots will stand their ground to defend the Earth allied with the fearsome Dinobots! Who shall reap the fruits of victory is up to you. Relive the most exciting battles of the different factions; Optimus Prime, Grimlock, BumbleBee and the merciless Megatron are all in this Cybertronic edition of Monopoly!

 Hold That Pose Game
Hold that pose is a new and fun family game which will keep you on the move and active. It requires you to keep your balance and have great agility until the last person falls. To play the game, someone rolls the dice, the other players stand around the edge of the mat. The dice will determine the move that the first player makes, showing the player which hand or foot to place on the mat.

Marvel Avengers Temporary Tattoo Set
This easy to function tattoo set will allow your child to put tattoos of their favourite Superheros and Superhero logos on their body in seconds. The tattoos are easy to apply and wash off, making the product both child friendly and functional. With 10 sheets and over 70 tattoos to choose from, you can be your favourite Superhero everyday! 

Mega Bloks - Halo Covenant Spectre Ambush
Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Covenant Spectre Ambush by Mega Bloks! The Spectre is a mobile light anti-infantry and troop transport vehicle with a plasma turret that fires in a full 360-degree arc. Two Covenant Elites take aim at a lone UNSC*Marine, who detaches a missile pod from its turret in a last desperate attempt to survive.



Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kit
Welcome to Jurassic World, a thrilling adventure where you can interact with the living and breathing dinosaurs! The Jurassic World Excavation Kit allows you to join the real dinosaur world by using the digging tools to find the dinosaur fossil. Dig into the clay using the tools to find the bones of the dinosaur, then assemble the pieces to create a model. 

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