Our top 10 Christmas toys for girls

Little girls on Christmas morning
Your little girl is growing up fast, which means you need to think carefully about what to get her from Santa Claus this Christmas. Fortunately, there’s plenty of choice on the marketplace right now, with many great toys and games from industry-leading brands. Whether the little lady in your life is a DreamWorks Trolls fan; they can’t get enough of L.O.L Dolls; or she’s in love with everything Sindy, you’re sure to find the perfect gift. Here are our top 10 Christmas Toys For Girls!

DreamWorks Trolls nail polish set

Show us a little girl who doesn’t adore DreamWorks Trolls! Little ladies all over the world fell in love with these adorable dolls with their iconic up-combed hairstyles when the movie hit our screens in 2016. This nail polish set is perfect for Trolls fans who enjoy making their fingertips all pretty. With three bottles of nail polish included, she will be in her element this Christmas day.
LOL Surprise Dolls

L.O.L Surprise doodle backpack

L.O.L Surprise! was massive back in 2017, with its doll assortment becoming one of the best-selling toys that Christmas. This doodle backpack is sure to be just as popular, so don’t wait too long to buy it for your little girl. She will love getting creative as she uses the colourful markers to design her very own L.O.L Surprise! backpack.

Grafix Weird Science – Perfume making kit

Is your little one always picking up your perfume and sniffing it, fascinated by the magical scent inside? Then it may be time to buy her a perfume making kit. This great set from Grafix is sure to provide your little one with hours of fun, with everything she needs to create her very own perfumes. Whether she’s a science lover at heart or she’s just intrigued by fragrance, look no further.
Girls bedroom decorated in pink

GL Style - Make your own sequin scatter cushion

If your little girl has reached the age where she wants her bedroom to be pretty as a picture, this make your own sequin scatter cushion set is the perfect gift. She will be able to design her own beautiful scatter cushion, allowing her to get creative and make her room really shine. One side is covered with sequins whilst the other has a cute design for her to colour in. If she can't get enough of the art and crafts activities we have a huge range of creative toys she can dive into to complete the finishing touches to her room!

Sindy living room play set

Sindy is one of the world’s most famous fashion dolls, rivalling Barbie for the hearts of girls everywhere. This living room playset will let your little one create the perfect living room for Sindy. With a cute pink armchair, lamp, and even a TV, this set has everything Sindy needs to relax in style. This is a limited-edition toy, so don’t miss out –order today!
Little girl playing with dough

Dough Tastic hair stylist salon

Is your little girl dreaming of running her own hair salon? If so, this could be the ideal girl. This hairstylist salon creative kit lets wannabe hairdressers practice their cutting and styling skills using play dough. With a stylist’s chair, scissors, and comb, the set includes all she needs to create some fantastic cutting-edge hairstyles. She can style, trim, braid and brush until her heart is content!

Grafix make your own bear

This make your own bear craft kit from Grafix is a great introduction to sewing for your little girl. She can sew and fill the bear herself, making her very own cuddly friend. She can even give the bear his own name tag, welcoming him into the family properly! If your little girl loves soft toys and is interested in making her own, this is the perfect gift.
Little girl taking pictures with camera

Eyewee kids rechargeable camera

This pink kids camera is ideal for little girls aged between three and 12. With a dual-camera image sensor featuring 1080P HD videos and eight-megapixel photos, it allows kids to capture and record their most special moments. This camera comes with a 16G micro SD card, allowing your child to store as many as 650 pictures. This is a great gift for your budding photographer!

Wiwi wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone

This stylish Bluetooth microphone has been designed with kids in mind. Not only is it a microphone, but it’s a radio and Bluetooth player too. Available in a wide range of cute colours, it’s the perfect gift for wannabe pop stars. Your little girl can play her voice through the microphone, allowing her to sing her favourite songs whenever she likes. She might just become the next Adele or Lady Gaga with this cool microphone at hand!

Animagic Rainbow – My glowing unicorn

Little girls have always been fascinated by unicorns, but in the last few years, they’ve become even more popular. Kids just can’t seem to get enough of these magical mythical creatures! So then, it’s no surprise that this glowing unicorn toy is set to become this Christmas’ must-have gift. With her amazing rainbow mane & tail and ability to make cute unicorn sounds, she’s sure to become your little girl’s best friend. Take a look at our wide range of Unicorn Toys and build her collection of magical creatures!
Little girl with Santa on Christmas Day
Shopping for Christmas gifts for your little girl can sometimes be challenging, especially as she’s growing up so fast. You’ll want to make sure you choose gifts that excite and entertain her and won’t fail to bring a smile to her face as she tears off the wrapping paper. Hopefully, our top 10 toys for girls will provide you with some inspiration when shopping for your girl this Christmas!

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  • Miss Fisher on

    This is disgusting – for goodness sake it’s 2022!
    Toys for kids – stop this male dominated gender role – gender identity on children, Stop it now! Stop it now! Stop it now!

    My 20 yr old son, trainee agricultural engineering – only 1 girl in the two years of his course – 1 – why gender inequality that this type of feature encourages! At least there are more girls on the agriculture course.
    My son wore pink, had dolls, played mother and baby games with his friends – he was the honory dad as they pushed his baby buggies around the farmyard with his dolls and cuddlies. He has loads of your sequin toys…. but he’s a man now!
    Don’t discriminate on terms of gender – just stop it now!

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