Our guide to hosting the spookiest Halloween party at home

Children dressed up for Halloween
Trick or treating or watching a horror movie just doesn’t cut it once kids reach a certain age, so why not throw a Halloween party instead? The idea of planning a spooky bash for children might fill you with dread (pun intended), but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a little careful planning, you can easily host a scary soiree at home. Here’s how to put on a party that will leave your guests seriously spooked!

Pick a theme

Every top party begins with a great theme, and Halloween is certainly no exception. So, before you start sending out invites and buying decorations, you need to decide on the style of the bash. There are so many fantastic ideas to choose from, so get thinking right away! Will you go for the classic haunted house theme with creepy music, dim lighting and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, or perhaps you’ll opt for a pumpkin theme or graveyard theme? Alternatively, why not take a theme from a scary book you love? Whichever you choose, a great theme is sure to see the creepy factor turned up several notches.
Halloween carved pumpkins

Spooky decorations

The decorations you buy or make will largely depend on the theme you have chosen for your party. If you’re going for the classic haunted house theme, you’ll need dim lighting (lit-up skulls are a great idea), scary music, and lots of cobwebs. To ramp up the fright-factor, consider ghosts and bats hanging from the rafters, as well as spiders on the walls. Sinister silhouettes in the windows will put fear into your guests, whilst creepy eyes stuck to hanging paintings will make them feel like they’re not alone as they take a trip to the bathroom! Keep in mind that the front of your home is the first thing your guests will see as they approach your party, so don’t forget to decorate this. Consider placing gravestones on the lawn or putting up a Halloween Door Topper to welcome everyone. If you’re making decorations, make sure you do so well in advance so that you don’t feel rushed.

Make your own invites

If you want to let your family and friends know that you’ll be hosting a Halloween party this year, don’t simply send them a text or announce it in a social media post! You can have much more fun making your own invites at home. Get the kids involved and create creepy invites that won’t fail to get the attention of even your busiest comrades. Plus, invites that match your theme will make sure everyone gets in the Halloween spirit before they even come through your door. There are plenty of ideas for easy Halloween party invitations online with a huge range of layouts and graphics.
Skeletons dancing

Choose a killer playlist

The music is arguably the easiest part of planning a Halloween bash, and that’s because there are so many fantastic songs about ghosts, witches and werewolves out there! Put some thought into party playlist and it will help your party to maintain its eerie theme. What’s more, the right songs will get everyone up dancing and having a great time. Halloween party crowd-pleasers include the classic "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr, “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett, and the kid-favourite "Halloween Sharks" by Pinkfong. Take note that some popular Halloween songs include explicit lyrics, so do check this before blasting them out at your kids' party.

Halloween-themed food

There are so many different ideas for Halloween party food – take a look online or in magazines and books and you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. From spooky ‘witches finger’ cookies and white chocolate ghosts to pumpkin pie cheesecake and meatball eyeballs. Creating gruesome Halloween party snacks with your kids can be so much fun and they’re sure to be remembered by your guests. So why opt for your go-to appetizers like pizza slices or sausages on sticks when you can ramp up the creep factor and get creative in the kitchen? There are plenty of Halloween party food ideas that won't take too long prepare and won't break the bank when buying ingredients. We're getting rather hungry just thinking about it. If you have a lot of leftover food then this is the perfect time to start getting the party bags sorted. The bags don't have to be extravagant as this will ensure that everything stays in budget, all you need is some cake, a little thank you note and mix of Party Bag Fillers.Little boys sat in matching Halloween costumes
With Halloween fast-approaching, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate the occasion in style. If your kids are too old for trick or treating and scary movies just aren’t cutting it this year, it’s time to plan a Halloween bash like no other! Many parents think that throwing a scary soiree for kids will be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. From decorating your house to preparing great food with a spooky twist, there are so many things you can do to make sure everyone has a spooktacular time. However we can't forget about all the trick or treaters out there, so don't forget to raid our Toy Sale so you can stock up on all the sweets and toys you need to hand out when they come knocking!
Thank you for reading and we hope this has helped you get started with planning your party, let us know down below what your favourite part of Halloween is!

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