Our guide on how to make the most of summer at home

Little girl laid down on the grass in summer
Millions of people plan to stay in the UK this summer, despite easing lockdown restrictions. The Covid19 pandemic has caused widespread panic about travelling overseas, with many putting off their holidays abroad until next year. Fortunately, staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time and make many happy memories with your family. Here’s our guide on how to make the most of summer at home.

Picnic in your garden or the park 

Even during quarantine, having a picnic is a great way to break up the day and get some much-needed fresh air. Your garden is the obvious place to enjoy alfresco dining, but you could also head to the local park. Parks have reopened in the UK, offering the perfect outside space to relax and enjoy a picnic with your family. Grab a blanket, pack up all your favourite foods, your little ones favourite Outdoor Toys, and find a spot to enjoy some quality time in nature. A UK summer wouldn’t be the same without a picnic! 
If you want to make a picnic with your loved ones even more special, why not have a baking session together and cook up some delicious cakes and other treats for the occasion? There are some fantastic picnic food recipes online, and your little ones will enjoy cooking up a storm with you in the kitchen. 
Children playing outside with water guns

Cool off with a water fight

If you want to beat the heat whilst having lots of fun as a family, why not have a water fight? Water fights are exhilarating for kids of all ages (and adults too!) and can help everyone to cool off when the sun’s out. Invest in some water guns and bombs and enjoy giving your family a super soaking in your garden or at the park! If you want to have even more splashtastic fun, get a paddling pool too. There are few things more relaxing and refreshing than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day.  

Help your child learn about gardening 

Summer is the perfect time to help your child to learn about gardening. Not only will they have so much fun with their hands in the dirt and watching their efforts turn into beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables, but they’ll also develop many important character traits, from patience and responsibility to respect for nature. Start small when teaching them gardening skills. Plant sunflowers in cups on a sunny window ledge or let them help you plant flowering bulbs in the earth. Use a simple project to help them learn gardening basics, including healthy soil, water, and sunlight. Gardening is a skill they’ll carry with them throughout their life, so why not start right now?
Children sat in front of a computer

Take a virtual tour 

While regular travelling may be off the cards this summer, virtual escapism is available to everyone with an internet connection. Many of the world’s top museums, galleries, zoos, and other venues are all just a few clicks away, offering both entertainment and education for all the family. For example. the British Museum in London joined forces with Google Arts & Culture to offer an interactive tour, allowing you to wander through time and inspect various artefacts up close. This could be a great way of combining fun with home-schooling for kids! After finishing their tour, you can finish off the fun day of learning with some reading or activities. Take your pick from our wide range of Educational Books and watch them as they get lost in the fun of home-schooling.

Get on your bikes

Cycling has always been popular during summer in the UK, but this year has seen a real biking revolution. The country is in the thick of a love affair with cycling, with record numbers of people taking up the activity. So, why not join them and head out for a bike ride? Not only does cycling improve fitness and get everyone out into the fresh air, but it can also help you to spend quality time together as a family. If you have very young children, you might think that cycling isn’t an option for you. On the contrary, it’s actually one of the best times to cycle. There’s a huge range of children’s bikes, bike seats, and trailers on the market, making it possible for even the youngest in your brood to join in a bike ride. You could always take a picnic and stop off somewhere along the way for a rest and something to eat and drink.
Children playing outside together
Missing out on a holiday abroad can be disappointing, especially if you’ve been looking forward to it. However, there’s lots to do at home that can allow you to really make the most of summer this year. From water blasting fun in the garden to picnicking in the park and exploring your local area by bike, there are many great activities for the whole family to enjoy. Hopefully, these great ideas will help you to stay entertained in the warmer weeks to come.
Thank you for reading! Comment down below what you're looking forward to this summer.

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