Our favourite New Year's resolutions this year

fireworksIn the tumult and excitement of Christmas, the significance of New Year can sometimes be overlooked by stressed families. Isn’t there a point around the 29th December where all parents are willing for the season to be over so they can go back to their “normal” lives? That can lead the opportunity of the new year and family resolutions in the background as you just try and get through the season.
However, make 2019 the year where you make some resolutions as a family, and the year that you stick to them too. There’s something magical about the potential of a new year – don’t miss out on changing things for the better in the year ahead.
These are five of our favourite resolutions that can be easily adapted for your family and home:

Schedule No Phone or Tablet Time

It’s no surprise that this is at the top of our list, and it applies both to kids and parents. Putting the phone or tablet away is the number one way of saying that your family is the most important thing in the room at that moment. Never mind if there’s something going on at work or one of your friends is posting funny memes on social media. When parents are on their phones, kids feel as though they’re second best to things that are going on elsewhere. Equally, when kids are on their tablets, parents feel as though they’re not communicating properly with their kids. What does that leave? Both sides unsatisfied and unhappy.
So, even if it’s just an hour a week where you say that you’re all going to put the digital devices away and talk to each other, make it a resolution in 2019 introduce a digital detox and spend some time without the precious screens.
children outside

Get Outside More

It’s especially hard to make a resolution like this when it’s cold outside but bear with us. Getting outside is important not only to retain fitness and health in the short-term, but also to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the long term. We’re all guilty of choosing an easier life over a healthy one sometimes, even if this is something as simple as acquiescing to a child’s pleas that you don’t go out for a bike ride because it’s too cold. No doubt, you’d prefer to stay in sometimes, but the example you’re setting by forcing yourself to go for that walk or go to the park and playing with your children's favourite outdoor toys can be really beneficial to them. Plus, it won’t do your health any harm either! If one of your personal resolutions is to get healthier in 2019, drag the kids along for the ride.
families together

Make Plans and Stick to Them

As mentioned above, it can be easy to cancel plans when conditions aren’t perfect. It’s also more straightforward to avoid making plans at all, reasoning that you’ll see how you feel on the day. The problem is that on the day, if you don’t feel like doing anything (and, particularly, if the kids don’t), you’re more prone to cancel. So, to alleviate that problem in 2019, you need to make plans for the days when you’re going to be together as a family. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but it should be something that gets you away from those daily distractions like gaming consoles and household jobs.
It can be something as simply as researching some new blind bags to collect or relaxing whilst your children play with their favourite unicorn toys
The second crucial element to this resolution is that you need to stick to those plans. Apart from ensuring that you get some family time and do something fun into the bargain, you’ll also be teaching the kids an important lesson about making plans and sticking to them.
children sledging

Keep a Family Scrapbook

A scrapbook no longer needs to be a physical book that you sit down and paste pictures into, although it can be if that’s something that appeals to you. Essentially, a family scrapbook can be a digital or physical record of the places you’ve been as a family and the photos that you’ve taken. While we take more photos than ever thanks to the impressive cameras on our smartphones, many of them never see the light of day again. Removing them from the phone and putting them in a digital scrapbook or getting them printed for a physical one is a way of ensuring that those memories are kept alive as the years go on. Adults can do this in seconds allowing you to easily look back over the years and remember all your favourite moments. 
A couple of points: make sure that the same person isn’t always behind the camera and, if it’s a digital scrapbook, be sure to back it up either to the cloud or to an external hard drive. You don’t want those memories going astray!

Learn Something New Together

Although we all have busy lives, sometimes it feels as though they don’t intersect properly with each other’s. For instance, kids go to school or nursery and they learn things there, while adults go to work or stay home and perform activities throughout the day. It can feel as though you’re living separate lives, coming together only to eat and have the occasional chat.
Why not take the opportunity to bring those lives together and learn a new skill as a family? Perhaps you’re planning a foreign holiday and want to get the basics of the language down before you go or maybe the kids have expressed an interest in coding. If it’s something you don’t have a clue about, you could always learn together, and new skills are never a bad thing. The kids will appreciate you taking the time to learn with them and you’ll get some family time – it’s a win-win.
We'd love to hear some of the New Year's resolutions that you are trying to keep. Let us know in the comments box below...

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