National Siblings Day: What is it all about?

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Initially established in the USA, National Siblings Day is a special occasion that takes its inspiration from Mother’s and Father’s Day. This important day honours the bonds between brothers and sisters, in addition to the people who have helped shape our values, beliefs and experiences right throughout our lives whether blood-related or not.

It doesn’t matter if your adored sibling was your best friend or biggest enemy when growing up, but no matter what’s happened in the past, they are your family. Every single year, National Siblings Day seeks to recognise and commemorate that special bond between brothers and sisters – a bond like no other.

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Celebrating That One Of A Kind Relationship

There are millions of people worldwide that celebrate National Siblings Day that’s due to take place every year on the 10th of April. According to the Siblings Day Foundation, this special day takes its inspiration from other recognition days in which brother and sisters can honour and celebrate one another.

First started by a New Yorker, National Siblings Day was established over 20 years ago by Claudia Evart to commemorate the birthday of her late sister, Lisette. Despite being created in the US, this day is celebrated by many countries and global brands including Disney. However, National Siblings Day isn’t officially recognised by the US in the same way that Mother’s and Father’s Day are.

The National Day is a lot more than just a celebration; it’s a long-term recognised goal to establish a nationally-recognised National Siblings Day. The foundation website for the worldwide day says that through building National Siblings Day, each member of the family unit will finally be recognised in the way they should be.

What To Buy Your Sibling On National Sibling Day?

What to buy your sibling will be entirely dependent on if they are male or female and what their likes and dislikes are. Sometimes the hardest part of buying gifts is working within a budget, our pound shop has amazing collections that cater to everyone at affordable prices and we believe it's the best place to start getting some of your gifts. Below we’ve compiled a breakdown of some key gifts. Let’s start with ideas for your brother.

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Ideal Gifts For Brothers On Siblings Day

Socks – yes it may seem like a bit of a boring one, but socks are an easy, staple gift for most men in your life.

Watch – a watch can be a timeless piece to give to someone you really love. If you want to make it extra special, consider getting it inscribed with a personal message.

Tie – the standard gift that every father, brother, uncle and son receives at Christmas, remember a tie doesn’t have to be a boring piece of fabric so pick one with a fun design or their favourite colour.

Voucher – a voucher for their favourite clothes shop or even a meal out can be a really nice gift and means they can treat themselves to whatever they want. Why not get him a PoundToy voucher and give him the chance to go wild on with something from our huge toy sale.

Experience day – boys often love a bit of a thrill and there are so many options out there to give you that adrenaline rush such as race car driving or even bungee jumping. You’ll know best what your beloved brother would like.

Game – is your brother into gaming? If so, think about whether there’s just been a new game released or there’s a nifty gadget that go alongside his current gaming set up. They can never have too many gadgets after all.

two sisters enjoying a day at the spa

The Perfect Sibling Day Present For Your Sister

Perfume – a simple classic that is sure to put a smile on your sister’s face, perfume is a great go-to present that is ideal for a widely recognised day.

Makeup – most girls (not all!) love make up. If there’s a new eye shadow pallet or lipstick that the latest celebrity is wearing, this could be a nice present.

Pamper session – sometimes there’s just nothing better than sipping some fizz with your feet up while being pampered. A pamper session or spa day can really work wonders, and we’re sure your sister will enjoy it.

Voucher – yes, it’s an excellent gift for the boys, but a voucher is actually a great gift for someone who has everything or who is notoriously difficult to buy for. Of course you don't want your sister to miss out, so give her the same opportunity to treat herself to some cheap toys as well. Give your sister the gift of choosing her own present.

Your time – sometimes all someone wants is to spend some quality time with the ones they love. If your sister always wants to hang out, but you don’t often get the time, give her the gift of you.

Dinner – equally so, your sister may simply enjoy a good catch up over dinner and some drinks. So organise a lovely meal out just to show your love and appreciation for her.

brother laughing and smiliing with each other

Show The Love This National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day is the perfect opportunity to share the love with your sibling or siblings – especially if you don’t live close or get to see each other often. Make it count by spending quality time together and even surprise them with a little gift as a token of your appreciation. Happy Sibling Day when it comes!


Let us know in the comments down below how many siblings you have and how you're going to show you love for them...

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