How to prepare the perfect Christmas stocking for under £10

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Fun and festive, stockings are an important part of the Christmas tradition for children of all ages. Whether they’re hung on their bedpost or above the fireplace, their presence on Christmas morning is a sure sign that Santa Claus has been and that they’re about to receive an exciting selection of toys, sweets or other gifts. Many parents worry about spending a fortune stuffing their children’s stockings with goodies, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive task. Here’s how to prepare the perfect Christmas stocking without breaking the bank.

Set a budget (and stick to it!)

Before you start shopping for stocking fillers, you’ll need to set a budget. This is so important if you want to avoid spending more than you can afford. You need to decide how much you’re going to spend on each stocking. Small gifts for stockings sometimes don’t seem like much, which can lead to you buying more of them. Of course, this means the price can quickly start to rise. If you don’t really want to spend more than £10 on stocking fillers, make this your budget and don’t be tempted to go over it unless it’s for a very good reason. To get yourself started on the types of toys you can get on a budget then take our Toy Sale as a starting point and write a list of the items you think would be perfect and total up how much it ends up being. 
Little boy holding his Christmas present

Avoid high-ticket items

Electronics like video games and tablets are very popular gift items these days, but they’re also very costly. So rather than putting them in your child’s stocking, save them for under the tree. You can always choose less expensive accessories to go in their stocking. So, if you’re getting them a tablet, why not put the protective case or earphones in their stocking instead? The pricier gifts should be opened when you’re all together rather than by your child in the early hours of the morning!

Turn a need into a gift

If you want to reduce the cost of your child’s Christmas stocking, consider turning a need into a gift. This means that if you know your little one needs new socks or underpants, why not stuff them in their stocking rather than simply purchasing them for them to wear? It’s a great way of buying them something new without spending more than you would do anyway. Other ideas include a toothbrush or toothpaste, toiletries, crayons, pencils, or paper with a cute design.
Christmas presents

Make DIY stocking fillers

One way you can keep the cost down when filling your child’s stocking is to get creative and make your own gifts. There are so many great ideas for DIY stocking stuffers, and so you’re sure to come up with something that your little one will love. Homemade gifts are so special and so much more meaningful than something you’ve quickly picked up at a store. Great ideas for low-cost DIY gifts include braided yarn bracelets (ideal for young girls), candy cane bath salts and hair ties and bows. You might think that gifts like these will be difficult to make, but they can actually be surprisingly easy. Search for DIY gift tutorials online to get some great ideas.

Look for gifts under £1

It might surprise you just how many cool items can be purchased for less than £1. We are one of the biggest online stores for inexpensive gifts, with many toys costing no more than a bag of sugar! Great low-cost items that your child will love include stickers, crayons, colouring books, Boys Toys, blind bags and slime! Buying cheap items online will allow you to fit more of them into your child’s stocking, giving them more things to unwrap on Christmas morning and you more time to snooze! Sometimes, the least expensive gifts can bring children the most joy, so don’t be afraid to search for a bargain!

Don’t forget the fruit!

Back in the 12th Century, French nuns began leaving stockings full of fruit at the houses of poor people. The toe of the stocking would usually contain an apple for good health, and the heel a tangerine or orange because they were rare and expensive at the time. This tradition has carried on to this day, with many parents choosing to put delicious yet cheap fruit in their little ones’ stockings. So, why not include a big, juicy orange in your child’s stocking this year? It’ll no doubt make a change from all the chocolate they’ll be consuming this Christmas!
Little girl opening up her Christmas present on Christmas morning
With a little thought and inspiration (which we’ve hopefully provided!), you’ll find that it’s easy to fill your child’s stocking with fantastic goodies without spending a fortune. Keep the stockings simple and have them as boys toys and Girls Toys so that you can ensure there's something for everyone and the little ones can mix and match! It can be so tempting to pull out the plastic and buy your little one lots of expensive gifts, but this really isn’t necessary when it comes to their Christmas stocking. It’s a fun and festive tradition which should focus on small and expensive items rather than the big and exorbitant.
Let us know what you plan to put in your stocking this year and what you hope to find in yours!

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