How To Plan Your Post Lockdown Family Staycation


STAYCATION IMAGE 1With lockdown restrictions gradually easing in the UK, many of us are hoping that life will begin to feel a lot more normal by the summer months. However, whilst you might be dreaming of hopping on an aeroplane and jetting off to a tropical paradise, chances are that you’ll have to make do with a staycation this year. The good news is that Britain has some fantastic holiday destinations for families. From camping in the picturesque Lake District to caravanning in Cornwall, there are vacation ideas to suit all preferences and budgets. Read on to find out how to plan your post lockdown staycation. 

Visit somewhere new

Planning a staycation doesn’t mean staying in your local area or going somewhere that you’ve been many times before. This is your chance to discover a new part of the country. Exploring a new area can be exhilarating and can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. The summer months are a great chance to enjoy a beach holiday in Dorset or stretch your legs on a walking break in the Scottish Highlands. Whilst heading abroad can be wonderful, there are so many amazing destinations to discover not too far from home. The opportunities for exploration are endless when holidaying in the UK.  

Look out for deals and discounts


Many people think that taking a staycation will save them money. However, costs can quickly creep up if you’re splashing out on extravagant hotels. Fortunately, you can make your UK break more affordable by taking advantage of the various deals and discounts out there. Use comparison sites to find the best offers on hotels or check out Airbnb for cheaper (and often more comfortable!) accommodation. Some websites also offer rooms in “secret hotels” at low prices. Whilst you’re only told the location and the star rating of the hotel, it can be a great way to bag a bargain. 
If you’re travelling by train, we recommend booking in advance to ensure you get your cheap tickets early. You could also try booking two Advance Single tickets rather than a return ticket as this can help you cut costs further. Your staycation doesn’t need to cost a fortune when you shop savvy for the best deals. 

Make sure you’re covered

Don’t assume you don’t need travel insurance since you’re staying in the UK. Whilst it isn’t essential, it will provide you with financial protection if something goes wrong either before or during your trip. If one of your group falls ill before you leave and you’re not insured, you might not be able to get your deposit back. These remain uncertain times and it helps to have peace of mind that you won’t be impacted financially if your plans change. 

Make the journey fun for kids 


Whether you’re embarking on a long car journey, travelling on the train, or hopping on the bus, we recommend making the trip as enjoyable as possible. Many children struggle with long journeys, often becoming frustrated and bored. To make travelling as fun as possible for them and reduce the instances of “are we there yet?!”, it’s best to plan ahead. Load your tablet with games and movies to provide instant entertainment or bring along travel games like Ludo, chess or Connect 4. An activity pack with colouring pens can also help to keep them busy. 
You should pack snacks for the journey to keep grumbling tummies at bay and avoid costly stops at service stations. Small packets of sweets can provide a welcome treat when kids are starting to get fed up! If your journey is particularly long, try to encourage them to grab some shut-eye by equipping them with a comfy travel pillow.  

Pack games and toys

Wherever you’re heading on your staycation, it makes sense to pack games and toys for your little ones to play with once you arrive. You may not have much room in the car for all their favourite playthings. However, you’re sure to find plenty of toys that are ideal for travelling with at PoundToy. As well as travel-size board games, we also sell a wide range of other small toys that can easily fit into your luggage. Many are ideal for playing with outdoors, including on the beach. We stock huge beach puzzles, inflatable beach balls, swim rings, sand mould sets, frisbees, and buckets and spades. 
A staycation in the UK can be a wonderful, memorable experience for your whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re travelling to the coast for a classic beach holiday, the rugged countryside to explore stunning natural landscapes, or you’re looking to soak up the action and adventure in a big city, you can expect to create memories that you’ll treasure forever. Shop at PoundToy for great toys and games to keep the kids entertained from the moment you leave home. 

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