How to plan the perfect party this winter

child with party hat and smilingIt’s getting colder. The kids are bored, the nights are drawing in, and all they seem to be thinking about is Christmas Day (which still feels like ages away to all of you). So, instead of giving in to those winter blues, why not host a winter party that can even act as a festive launch if you time it right?
The beauty of a winter party is that it gives you all something to do. Sure, the prospect of hosting a party for your kids and their friends might seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be easily organised if you just get a few important jigsaw pieces in place. Approach the party as a break from the norm and give the kids something to be excited about this winter apart from Christmas Day.
So, what three steps are vital for a successful winter party?


This is a sneaky one because you can essentially get your Christmas decorations up early and even make it part of a party game if you want! Why not have the kids paint their own ornaments and award prizes for the best ones? You can also do a lot with stickers to help them create unique Christmas decorations to take home with them. As it’s a party, getting all the right party supplies can be so important, make sure you don't forget the balloons and bunting – no party’s the same without them!
planning the perfect party this winter

Things to Do

We’ve already mentioned some of the Christmas-themed ways you can keep the kids occupied during your party, but if you want to step away from the festive realm, there’s still plenty to do. One of our favourites for party time is the Splatter Face game. Just add slime (or something similar) to the splatting board and let the fun commence. If you’re looking for options that are less messy, you can’t go wrong with classics like Top Trumps. Those are so cheap that you can have several mini games going at once, rather than keeping all the kids around one table. Divide and rule can work wonders at parties!
There are also the old favourites of kids’ parties such as Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. If you’re looking for cheap presents for the winners, look no further than our ultra-budget range that includes everything from branded bubbles through to Angry Birds trading cards.

Send Them Home Happy

This might be the part that causes anxiety. After all, you entertain them and you feed them, but the expectation is still that you send home your kid’s friends with a little something to remember the day by in the form of a party bag. However, party bag fillers don’t have to break the bank, and you can send them home content with bubbles, mini maze games, blow and glow balloons, and even some Haribo treats.
children happy at opening Christmas presents

Make it Christmassy or Not – Your Choice

A winter party is the perfect antidote to those long winter nights. Getting essential Christmas toys and decorations can be very simple. Just remember that it can be fun for everyone – including the adults! While the kids are enjoying themselves, that gives you parents chance to plot over coffee and cake. What could be better than that?
What are you top tips for kids parties this winter? Let us know in the comments box below, also don't forget to check out our huge toy sale for all the best deals this Christmas...

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