How to make the most of the new year in lockdown


Being confined to your house except for work, school or exercise may not be how you expected to start 2021. However, that’s the case for those of us in lockdown, and there’s little sign of restrictions being lifted any time soon. Even though the situation might seem bleak, there are still ways to make the most of the new year, with plenty to do in January beyond lazing on your couch in front of the TV! 

Get active

Lockdown is the perfect time to get active and enjoy some exercise. The winter months might seem like the perfect excuse to hibernate, but it’s important to stay physically active right now. Not only is exercise essential for physical health, but for mental health too, helping to lower stress and anxiety and releasing feel-good hormones that lift the mood. Exercise is vital for adults and children alike, so why not get the whole family outside for a gentle run or dig your bikes out of the shed for a bike ride? 
Getting fit together can be a great way to have fun and bond. What’s great about exercise is that you don’t even need to leave your home to enjoy it. There are many online workout tutorials for all levels on YouTube, with several targeted at kids. The Joe Wicks workouts are well worth a watch!  

Discover nature on a walk 

Walking is a great form of exercise, helping to improve overall health and fitness. Plus, with so much great countryside to explore in the UK, it’s a great chance to spend time in nature surrounded by trees and wildlife. Encourage your kids to open their eyes and ears in search of birds eating berries, squirrels climbing trees, and animal footprints in the snow. You could also take steps to help the wildlife in your garden during these cold months. Help your children to make a feeder to help the hungry birds or put out fresh water for animals to drink. 

Cook some healthy recipes 

If you’d usually spend the new year overhauling your diet and shedding a few pounds, don’t change your ways simply because you’re in lockdown. Since you’re now spending more of your time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to get into the kitchen and cook up some nutritious recipes that the whole family will love. Whilst a mid-week dinner may have meant slipping something in the microwave on your return from work or grabbing a takeaway, you might now have more time to enjoy cooking. Get the kids in the kitchen with you and show then how cooking can be a fun and rewarding activity! 

Zoom quizzes with loved ones 

Did 2020 pass by without you catching up with your loved ones? Then you’re not alone. Video calls have become increasingly popular during lockdown. Many people now rely on services like Zoom and Skype to keep in touch with friends and family members. Strikingly, more than seven in 10 now make video calls at least weekly So, why not plan a Zoom chat or even a quiz with those loved ones you can’t catch up with in person? Children, especially if they’re very young, often don’t understand why they’re suddenly unable to visit their grandparents or other family members, and this can be upsetting. Set up a video chat and let them talk to the people they love online. You’ll find that touching base with loved ones can seriously improve the mood in the household! 

Learn something new  

Weeks and months stuck at home may not be the ideal way to begin the new year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve anything. Whilst watching TV and playing video games can pass the time, there are better ways to make use of lockdown. Whether it’s learning a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn or picking up an old hobby, now is a great time to get busy and make your time in lockdown worthwhile. You could always learn something new as a family, such as a different language, first aid, cooking, or gardening. If you’ve got time on your hands, broadening your talents and knowledge is the ideal way to use it. Educational books can be purchased easily online, allowing kids to learn whilst also having lots of fun. 

Get reading! 

Lockdown has drastically affected our relationship with books. More people than ever are turning to reading to help them fill their time spent at home. Children, in particular, are reading in larger numbers during lockdown, with 37% reading more often than usual. Reading can help kids feel happier and more relaxed, with books providing an important distraction throughout this period of change and uncertainty. So, why not encourage your child’s love of reading in the new year by expanding their book collection? At PoundToy, we have a wide range of low-cost books for kids of all ages. Read together as a family to have fun and strengthen your bond. 
Lockdown may seem as if it will last forever, but it’s important to remember that this time will pass. So, why not do all you can to enjoy this period and make the most of the new year? Get active, get social on Zoom, and learn new things as a family. You may have a lot more fun than you expect! 

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