How to make Father's Day special

Happy Father's Day gift and tie
Any man can father a child, but being a dad takes something a lot more special. Fathers play a vital role in a child’s life, helping shape them into the adult they become. This is why celebrating Father’s Day is so important. This is an opportunity to show him just how much you appreciate everything he does. Whether your child is a newborn baby or a stroppy teenager, it’s time to express love, respect and gratitude to the man who has raised them. Here’s how to make Father's Day special this year.
Father's Day breakfast

Plan a breakfast bonanza

Whatever you do on Father's Day, it makes sense to start the day off right with a breakfast fit for a king. What dad doesn’t love a good old-fashioned English breakfast with all the trimmings? If sausage and bacon isn’t his thing, why not opt for waffles, pancakes, French toast or even eggs benedict. Encourage the kids to help you prepare dad’s breakfast and serve it to him in bed with the Sunday papers.

Let him relax

If dad is usually run off his feet at the weekend carrying out DIY tasks or running about after the kids, why not let him relax this Father’s Day? Let him put his feet up and get your children to play “servants” for the day. They could help with dad’s usual jobs, such as washing the car or weeding the garden, and don’t forget to bring him drinks on demand! If he’s not a fan of doing nothing, you could always ask him what he wants to do, whether that’s heading to the seaside or taking a trip around his favourite shops. A great way to incorporate relaxing and bonding time would be to have a family game night to really get the spirits high. This is the perfect way to tie together a nice day, all the family together laughing and playing for hours. We have a great range of board games, puzzles and more so start with our amazingly board games and begin planning your games night. May the best man win!
Father and children on a fishing trip

Take a fishing trip

Many dads love to fish, so why not join him in his favourite pastime? Fishing trips are fun, but they also offer a great chance for you to bond without the distractions of your daily life. He will love showing you how to use the fishing equipment in order to get the best catch, and he will no doubt regale you with tales of his fishing adventures. If you want to make the trip really special, why not buy him some new fishing gear? Keep in mind that fishing can be slow, so don’t plan a full day if your kids are particularly young.   

Create a memory book

Children grow up so quickly, so why not put together a memory book to remind dad of all the special moments that you’ve shared over the years? All you need is a scrapbook and some photos. You can write memories, anecdotes and jokes to bring a smile to his face. This is a simple and low-cost gift, but it’s one that he will undoubtedly treasure forever. You can read it together on Father’s Day and reminisce about the old days. You could make it even more special and throw together a little gathering that is centered around all your favourite memories, this allows you to have a little party that the little ones will love and you can incorporate things like a video montage. It doesn't have to cost an arm and leg either, with the help of our cheap party supplies you can put together something that is truly special and still affordable.
Football kick

Get football tickets

If your dad is a footy fanatic, why not surprise him with tickets to see his favourite team play? If he only usually gets to watch them from the comfort of his couch, this gift is sure to go down a storm. He will finally get the chance to see all the action first-hand for himself and soak in all the atmosphere that comes with watching a game live. Watching his team play from the stands will create special memories for any footy-mad dad. If your budget won’t stretch to tickets, there are plenty of other football gifts to consider, from stadium tours to personalised footballs, mugs and water bottles. If your dad isn't one for the big fuss and claims he doesn't want anything but you want to buy him something, then we also have a wide range of adult gifts. So you can get him something small or a novelty toy that'll bring a smile to his face. The options are almost endless!

Experience days for dads

There are so many amazing experience days out there, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that dad will love. If he’s an adrenaline junkie, why not buy him a bungee jump voucher? Or if he’s a petrol head, you could opt for a super car driving day. From whiskey tasting sessions to meals in Michelin restaurants, there really is something for everyone. There are so many options to suit every type of dad. If you want to avoid the same old boring gift ideas, an experience day could be ideal. Plus, because you can print out most vouchers at home, they make a great last-minute gift too!
Daughter giving her father a loving card
Fathers do so much for their kids throughout the year, with many dads now taking a hands-on parenting role as well as being the breadwinner and putting food on the table. From changing nappies and taking charge of night-time feeds to playing football in the park and showing the difference between right and wrong, they play an important role in their children’s lives from the very start. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to make dads feel special and appreciated for everything they do.
Let us know in the comments how you plan to celebrate the amazing father figures you have in your life...

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