How to make Christmas fun and educational for kids

children puzzlesChristmas doesn’t have to be all about presents and the thrill of that one day. Often, it feels as though the whole month (or more) of the approach to Christmas is just punctuated by this growing sense of anticipation for one day and getting kids to focus on other fun elements or learn something new can be a mission. We’ve got a few strategies to help you make the whole festive season fun and enjoyable with all the latest educational toys, top tips and hacks for Christmas this year.

Get Them Involved

As a parent stressed to the eyeballs by the approach of Christmas, it can be tempting to just get on with everything yourself because kids do have a habit of slowing things down. If you can, rein in this tendency a little and try including them in some key decisions around the home. Even something as simple as browsing through decorations with them can make them feel involved in decisions and help get them into the festive spirit! That means that when it comes to putting up the decorations you’ve picked together, they’ll find it a more rewarding experience.
children putting decorations on the tree

Get Them Crafting

Of course, you can go further than simply encouraging them to choose decorations and get them actively involved in creating them. If this sounds difficult, there are packs available that come with all the bits and bobs needed for your kids to create their own Christmas decorations. For the more adventurous, give them crepe paper and crayons and see what happens. Arts and crafts toys are a great way for keeping children busy of the festive period.
Remember, too, that designing individual Christmas cards for their friends and family is a great way of bringing their creativity to the forefront – and it may keep them occupied while you’re doing some other Christmas prep. You could add a little educational element into by helping them choose a research a theme for each individual card. If Auntie Amy likes octopi, for example, a personally designed card from their favourite niece or nephew could really make Christmas special. The kids get something to do and that’s a thoughtful Christmas card sorted too!
children doing arts & crafts

Get Them Storytelling

Whether you’re a family that celebrates Christmas in the traditional way or whether you love just getting all them family together and having some fun, there are ways to get your kids thinking and making up stories about the season. Storytelling is one of the most creative things kids can do, allowing them to use their imaginations to create brand new tales built on things they already know. It can also be an educational process if you encourage them to learn about the things they’re putting into stories.
For instance, learning about reindeers including what they eat and how big they can grow to be might be a great way of getting them writing and telling stories while learning something. Harness Christmas in imaginative ways and they might get more out of the whole season rather than just the fun and excitement of Christmas Day itself. Finding the perfect toy sale is a great way to get all the essentials sorted for a fun and educational Christmas for everyone. 
What are you most looking forward to your children doing this Christmas? Do you have any top tips, we'd love to hear in the comments box down below.. 

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