How to keep your kids entertained during the summer holidays

Girls playing running in the grassKeeping the kids entertained throughout the long school holidays can seem like a daunting task, especially when things cost so much. We have taken this into consideration and filled up our toy clearance with amazing products to keep your little ones busy! We know it can be a stressful time, with children often misbehaving because of boredom. Fortunately, a little organisation and imagination can go a long way to keeping your little ones out of trouble. Here are some fantastic tips and ideas for activities to keep them entertained all summer long.

Plan activities in advance

It’s a good idea to plan activities for each week in advance. This will ensure that the kids have something to look forward to, which will make them happier and more relaxed. It also makes sense to get them involved in the planning process. Taking part in the decision-making will make them less likely to complain about the activities. Think of a wide range of activities, including things you can do indoors, in the garden and away from the house. Try to think mostly of free activities if you can, with a couple of activities that cost money to do. After all, if you’re planning costly trips out every day, you’re going to be very poor by the time school starts in September!
Girls playing with paint and laughing

Get crafty and make your own games

Kids love being creative, so why not buy some craft supplies and create your own variety of activities? It’s something you can do in the house on those rainy days, and you’d be surprised at what you can make with some coloured paper, crayons, paint, glitter, glue and children’s scissors! You could also have a game night in with classic board games. The options are endless, from Snakes and Ladders and Pin the Tail on the Donkey to puppets, kites and even a car track made out of cardboard. These can all be made easily at home and they’re sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Save things you would normally throw out or recycle, like toilet roll tubes, newspapers, shoe boxes and old tin cans for your craft activities.

Give them their own garden patch

Summer is the ideal time to spend time in your garden, so give your kids a good reason to get outside and away from their computers. Give them their own garden patch to tend to and nurture. They will love having extra responsibility, and they’re sure to enjoy growing something themselves. Plant things that grow quickly, such as flowers or herbs. This means they won’t have to wait too long to see the results of their work. Children love nothing more than getting dirty with their hands in the soil, making it the perfect summer activity for them.
Three friends baking and having fun together

Plan a weekly baking day

Baking is a brilliant way to spark a love of cooking in your children. So, why not plan a weekly baking day with your little ones? It teaches them about cooking processes, including following a recipe, measuring, and combining ingredients to create something totally delicious. Yes, baking with kids can be messy, but that’s half the fun. Plus, the results are sure to be hard to resist! Let them choose from various recipes that you have the ingredients for but keep things simple to start. You’ll find that baking is a great way to fill those not so sunny summer days. 

Camp out under the stars

Camping is a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and with many great campsites throughout the country, you won’t need to venture too far from home to find one. Camping helps tear children away from technology and puts them smack bang in the great outdoors. They can explore nature and develop a sense of adventure. Sleeping under the stars with your kids can be a magical experience that they’re sure to remember for a long time to come.
Boy playing catch with his dog

Dig out the garden toys

You may have stored the trampoline and paddling pool at the back of the garage or shed at the end of last summer but now is the time to release them from their prison! If your children have grown out of the toys they have, or they’ve started to look a little worse for wear, why not invest in some new ones? We have a huge range of outdoor toys suitable for all the family. You don’t have to spend a fortune on toys for the garden, with many bargains around right now for you to snap up. Some appealing garden toys won’t fail to coax your kids outside for some fun in the sun. Consider family garden games which you can all enjoy together, such as mini volleyball, football, a quick game of catch and much more.
The summer holidays can be a drawn-out affair if you haven’t planned enough for the kids to do. You can expect to hear continuous shouts of “I’m bored” that are sure to drive you up the wall! Hopefully, we’ve provided some inspiration for activities that will keep them entertained for the full six weeks.
Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to the most during these summer holidays...

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