How to keep the family entertained during half-term

School's Out
Half term can be challenging when you have little ones, you may be wondering how to keep the family entertained all week. The kids want to have fun when school’s out, but the miserable weather and tight purse strings after birthdays and other activities don’t make things easy. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some great ideas for keeping everyone happy during half term.


When the weather’s not playing ball, baking is the perfect activity for the whole family. It may be raining outside, but it will be warm and cosy in the kitchen as the kids get elbow deep in dough! Not only does baking entertain little ones for hours, but they’ll also get to eat their tasty creations at the end – it’s a win-win! There are so many fun and easy baking ideas for kids online, from cookies to fairy cakes. We have some amazing dough cutters available in our Toy Sale to help with creating delicious and creative treats! Baking is a great way to spend quality time with your children as you teach them a skill they can use throughout their lives. Why not host a tea party and serve up their culinary masterpieces? They’re bound to feel very accomplished and pleased with themselves.
Boy making art and crafts

Arts and crafts

Art and craft activities won’t fail to keep the kids busy. With tubes of glitter, coloured paper, felt tip pens, and paints, you can help them get creative and messy whilst spending quality time them with them at home. Crafts are a great way of having fun and making memories together whilst they’re still little. If you’re looking for great craft ideas, why not have them make animal masks with paper plates or get them to make hand puppets using paper bags? Crafts can keep young artists busy for hours, giving you some much-needed peace and quiet! You’ll find a vast range of Craft Supplies at PoundToy, including colouring pencils, crayons, pens, chalks, and so much more.


If it’s still raining but you’re desperate to leave the house, why not head to the cinema? Going to the movies is a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and with some big blockbusters set to hit screens this half term, they won’t be disappointed. The long-awaited “Paw Patrol: Ready, Race Rescue!” is a good option, or how about “Sonic the Hedgehog”? Half term is a great time to visit the cinema, with movies tailored towards kids rather than adults. What’s great is that you can take your own snacks and drinks into most cinemas now, which means you don’t have to spend a small fortune on overpriced popcorn! The cinema can be a really fun and affordable day out that the whole family will enjoy.


There are few things more exciting for kids than having a sleepover with their best mates, so don’t be surprised if your little ones request one! Although you might worry about what they’ll get up to, there are so many reasons why sleepovers are a great idea for half term. Not only is a sleepover a great chance of them to strengthen their exciting friendships and provide a great bonding experience, but it can teach them how to play fairly and share with others. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be a rowdy pyjama party. Simply create a cool den area, put on some movies, and serve up some pizza and popcorn and a healthy serving of Sweets – they’ll be in their element!  Plus, you’ll become known as the cool parent who hosted the sleepover of the century! 

Explore nature with National Trust

There may be lots to do at home, but at some point, it’s guaranteed that you’ll all become a little stir-crazy! The good news is, The National Trust is running February half term events for all the family at locations across the UK. There are some great opportunities for your kids to explore nature and have fun outdoors. From bug hunting expeditions and nature trails to craft workshops and den building activities, there’s so much to do for kids of all ages. They can track a wild animal at Norfolk’s Sheringham Park and plant trees at South Down Farm in East Soar, Devon. They can even get creative whilst making their own bird boxes at Lydford Gorge and Carding Mill Valley. Packwood welly walk is a great option if you live in Warwickshire, with this kid-friendly stroll offering so much to see and do for little ones.
Family day in the sun
Half term can be tough, especially with the unpredictable weather often keeping your family indoors. Fortunately, you’re not consigned to days of watching CBeebies, with plenty of fun to be had both inside and out of the house. From baking and craft activities to cinema and sleepovers, there are so many ways to keep the whole family entertained during half term. What’s more, with National Trust hosting various events which are perfect for kids, there’s no reason to stay indoors all week.

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