How to host the perfect summer party

Summer Party
Summer is finally upon us, so what better time is there to plan a party in your garden? It’s the ideal opportunity to bring everyone together and relax and unwind in the sunshine. Planning a bash for your friends and family can be fun, but it can also be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before! There’s a lot to consider, from creating an amazing outdoor ambiance to selecting the perfect menu. Here are our top tips for hosting a summer party. Whether your garden is big or small, these steps will help you to plan an outdoor soiree that your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Create a magical atmosphere

Whether you have a big garden with a lawn or a cosy backyard with bags of character, it shouldn’t take too much time and effort to create a fantastic atmosphere for your party. You can buy decorations easily and affordably on the high street or online, or you can always make them yourself if you want to get creative. You could use bunting to create a traditional village fayre feel or decorate tables with fresh flowers cut from your garden. Good lighting is also essential for a summer garden party. Combine pretty lanterns, tea lights and string lights to produce cosy and tranquil vibes.  If you have steps, consider lining them with candles to ensure after-dark safety whilst creating a stunning light display. You should try to make sure there are enough seats for your guests, however, you could always create snug and comfortable seating areas using blankets or bean bags.

Rainy day in the garden

Prepare for all weathers

In a perfect world, summer would always bring sunshine, but unfortunately that’s not always the case in Britain. So, to make sure your party isn’t a wash out, it’s a good idea to prepare for all weathers. Check the forecast several days before your event, and if rain is predicted, consider investing in a gazebo. Gazebos don’t have to be expensive; in fact there are many cheap garden tents available that would be ideal, especially if your party’s a more casual affair. If this ends up being the case you also want to ensure that the children don't end up getting frustrated and bored. A great idea would be to have an area where they get a table of toys that they can play with, this way they are entertained and they aren't in the way. Since you can't be sure of the weather, you don't want to spend too much on toys that they might not even touch, start with taking a look through our clearance page and see if anything catches your eye and work from there. You may also want to consider continuing the lighting and decorations inside your home. This will ensure that you won’t lose the atmosphere if you need to dash for cover.

Create the ultimate garden party playlist

The right music can set the mood for your garden party, helping everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. So, rather than putting Spotify on shuffle and hoping that some great songs come on, it makes sense to be proactive and plan the perfect playlist. Create a setlist that will last well into the night, making sure that you don’t need to keep disappearing to add new tracks. Alternatively, use a Bluetooth speaker so that your guests can play their own music. Think carefully about where you’ll place your speaker, as whilst you’ll want guests to hear the music, it’s important to avoid annoying your neighbours! Portable speakers are useful as you can put them anywhere without the need for a power supply. Whether you opt for chilled out jazz or soul music or classic summer anthems, music is the heart and soul of your party.   

Food on the grill at a BBQ

Good food and drink is key

Good food and drink are essential for any summer party, and what’s great is that they don’t need to be expensive either. Start offer the soiree with a refreshing drink such as lemonade with fresh mint, or for an alcoholic option choose summer craft beers or the classic garden party drink, Pimm’s. When it comes to food, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Firing up the barbeque is an option; however, it will mean that you’ll be kept busy cooking when you should really be circulating with your guests. Instead, choose finger foods which are easy to prepare. Select some fresh and seasonal ingredients and let them shine. Head to your local farmers market and ask what they recommend.  

Keep the kids entertained

If your garden party is a family affair, it’s a good idea to think of ways to keep the kids entertained. This will allow the adults to relax and unwind with a drink. To make sure they’re kept busy, consider investing in some outdoor toys, such as a Slip ‘n Slide, trampoline or water pistols. If you want to get inventive, why not fill up a little pool with some Slime Baff products and watch them go wild. This is also beneficial for you because no matter how much mess they make, it's all outdoor fun so your bathroom floor is safe from the gooey slime. Even some bubbles or beach balls will go a long way to keeping them entertained during the party. Having diversions on hand for your younger guests will ensure they don’t get bored and ask to go home after an hour!
Family at an outdoor party
The British weather may be a little temperamental, but after months cooped up indoors, it’s worth braving it for a summer garden party. Hopefully we’ve provided you with some inspiration for planning the perfect alfresco soiree with friends!
How do you plan to get all your friends and family together this (hopefully) amazing summer? ...

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