How to Get the Kids Active This Summer

When summer break reckons, kids can wait to spend their free time experimenting and exploring. The bare mention of the summer holidays can cause many parents to panic as they are wondering how to spend the 6 magical weeks of summer. It's important that you get all the essential toys and games to kick-start the summer season in style.

Be Messy

Your kids won’t be going to school anytime soon. As such, give them a break for the formal uniform look and get messy. There are toys that give your kids the chance to have fun and sample the dirt. For instance, you can choose outdoor toys, bubbles and creative toys. Forget the rules and let your kids get creative with all the latest in the magic world of arts and crafts. The good thing is that there are creative and craft toy sets for all ages.

Introduce Outdoor Toys

Instead of having kids sitting indoors watching TV, there are Outdoor Toys and Intex pools that can make them forget about what's happening in the world of television. You may have a birthday party and your kids and their friends can have lots of fun with water guns, footballs, inflatables and giant bubble sets. You will improve your children's social skill and creativity if you provide the right set of toys and play tools.

Children playing outside

Get them Bubbles

Bubble toys are highly preferred by kids. You can introduce such tools and keep your kids chasing the bubbles in the yard all day. Your kids will love those bubbler blowing sets, bubble copters and bubble zappers, featuring all with their favourite TV character names. 

Educational Toys Work Too

Your kids will enjoy playing with creative toys and build-your-own toy sets. You can crank up their fun times by bringing in educational toys & science kits. Even though you want to give them a break from school-related activity, these toys will help them learn a thing or two while having a good blast of fun. Choose toys such as scrapbook kits, science kits and jumbo colouring sets.

Play Games and Puzzles

Your kids are active balls of energy. You need to keep them busy during the summer break with board games, puzzles and building blocks. Will be expanding there thinking capacity with construction blocks and large character puzzle sets. Get them to engage in a mystery puzzle playing individually or as a team. You can find puzzles that fit different age sets and you can store them safely until next summer.

kids playing game

Inflatables for Hot Days

Summer is characterized by hot days and you need to consider both indoor and outdoor. If you want to motivate them to spend more time outdoors, inflatable toys are a great choice. There are inflatable toys that fit for playing the back garden, park or even inside.

We Have What You Need

At PoundToy, we have a huge range of everything you can think of, helping get your children active and making the most of the summer holidays. Our amazing range of cheap toys consists of all the latest games, outdoor toys, bubbles, science kits and much more.


What are your essentials for the summer?

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