How to get organised for Christmas this year

children in Christmas outfitsEvery year we all declare that this Christmas will be different. We’ll prepare! We’ll be organised! We won’t be rushing around at the last minute to try and get everything sorted! If we tell you that Christmas 2018 can be different with just a few simple steps, what would you say?
We can’t cook the turkey for you and we can’t wrap up that set of pans you bought for your mum, but we can give you four simple steps that will help you get into Christmas mode a little earlier this year. You’ll thank us by Christmas Eve!

The Advent of Chocolate

First things first – get your child’s advent calendar sorted out now, there's nothing wrong with being prepared! If you leave it any later and you haven't got an advent calendar ready to pull out for 1st December, the festive season won’t get off to a smooth start at all. Finding out your child's favourite characters and brands are a great way to start when looking for an advent calendar. Not forgetting you can also create your own and fill it with cheap sweets, children will love having different sweets and chocolates to choose from everyday.
mini snowmen

Don’t Let Decorations Break the Bank

Christmas can be expensive, with every little purchase scratching away at your budget until you get to the New Year and wonder what happened to your best laid plans. Decorations play into that problem more than you’d think. It’s easy to think that buying a few more decorations that you’ve seen in the shops won’t break the budget, but every penny counts when it comes to Christmas. So, get ahead and order any additional decorations now. Plan out where they’re going to go and stick to those plans!

Choose Stocking Fillers That Won’t Spoil

Stocking fillers are a great way to keep kids happy on Christmas and there is so much to choose from! Whether it's toys, games, mini figures or chocolate treats. Slime comes in pocket-sized barrels, not to mention those blind bags from their favourite series that hold one of their best Christmas presents – who knows? Whatever you’re putting in the stocking this year, make sure you don’t forget the actual stocking. That’s a rookie mistake we’ve heard about people rushing to rectify on Christmas Eve.
children putting decorations on the tree

The Main Event

For most kids, opening presents is the main event, and it’s also one of the areas where you can really get ahead and get organised. You might be concerned that their tastes will change before Christmas but, honestly, kids are so suggestible that they’ll want everything they set their eyes on in the run up to Christmas Day. This includes things they have no hope of getting like a puppy or a new sibling.  Finding a great pound shop gives you a brilliant start to getting all the kids presents sorted.
Instead of worrying, identify a cut-off date in your mind and make your presents based on their favourite things right then and there.That gives you plenty of time to get organised and get your orders in because, after all, Christmas doesn’t have to run on the kids’ schedule. You’re (probably, almost, definitely) in charge!
What do you find most hard to organise at Christmas, at PoundToy we always struggle to get everyone together at the same time! Let us know your thoughts down below...

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