How to Entertain Your Children on Holiday

How to entertain your kids on holidayIt’s no secret that going on holiday with children can be stressful. However, if you’re prepared and equipped with the right set of tools (in this case toys and games), it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways that you can enjoy your family holiday while keeping everyone happy, no matter where you’re going.

Travel Hints and Tips for Long Journeys

It can be difficult travelling on long journeys with little ones (and sometimes even older ones!). But there are lots of ways to keep your kids content while travelling to your holiday destination. Even short journeys can be a challenge at times!

Encourage Activities

No matter whether you’re travelling abroad or staying with the UK, it’s important to be prepared with activities that your kids can easily do whether you’re travelling by car, plane, train or bus. It can be so easy to hand an iPad or mobile device to your children and let them binge on TV and film for the duration of the journey. Arts & crafts and creative toys are a great way to keep your children engaged. Sticker books, colouring in books and Top Trumps are all easily taken from place to place. 
Reading is another great activity that children should be encouraged to enjoy during travel time. Consider investing in some new books for the journey and give them to your little ones as holiday gifts. This way, the books will be more special to them. Letting them choose their own book can also be a great way to keep them happy and gives them a little more control.

reading to your kids

Use the Holiday as Bonding Time

Not only are holidays a great way to unwind, they also provide an excellent opportunity to bond with your family. Taking fun and interactive games with you can make the experience a whole lot better. This may be through playing with inflatables at the beach or pool, board games for the evening and being outside together. 

Creative Holiday Fun

If you have space to pack some extras and are going somewhere where you’ may need to entertain your self or your children in the evening, creative toys are a great way for doing so. Get the whole family involved with all the latest science kits, construction sets, craft actives and much more.

kids playing

    Encourage Learning and Engagement

    When you take your children somewhere new for the first time, it can be really educational and beneficial to immerse them in the local culture – even if your holiday destination is still in the UK! Taking them to museums, zoos and events make perfect days out. Also, playing and learning with educational toys make great ways to spend the evening or rainy days.
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    Are you going on holiday this summer? Let us know in the comments where you are heading...

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