Christmas Movie Index

Christmas Movie Index

Christmas Movie Index

The best family Christmas movies of all time

The holiday season is here, so it’s time for the whole family to snuggle up in front of the TV and watch all the best Christmas movies. After all, one of the most festive things about Christmas is drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate, rewatching old classics and discovering new favourites.

In our list of the top 50 family Christmas films of all time, you’ll find a mix of old and new with something for everyone to enjoy.

Below we reveal the most Googled family Christmas movies in cities across the UK and countries abroad.

The Top three family Christmas movies around the world

Top three family Christmas movies around the world

1) The Nightmare Before Christmas - Score: 8.01/10

Tim Burton’s animated classic isn’t the most traditional Christmas movie, yet it comes at the top of the list as the most Christmassy family film! This dark feature contrasts a spooky, scary Halloween setting with the warmth and festive atmosphere of Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has the highest IMDb audience score and film critic score on Metacritic out of all the movies on our list!

2) Miracle on 34th Street - Score: 7.80/10

Miracle on 34th Street is the perfect classic family Christmas movie. The plot follows Kris Kringle who plays the role of Santa for visiting children at a department store.

Rated 88/100 by critics on Metacritic, and 7.9/10 by viewers on IMDb, there’s no denying this film is loved by many.

3) Home Alone - Score: 7.51/10

Home Alone comes in at third place - an essential watch for both the parents and children this holiday season. For most children, the ultimate Christmas dream might be to get all the Christmas toys that money can buy, but 8-year-old Kevin McCallister instead wishes to have no family.

Home Alone’s domestic box office earnings would be equal to over $620 million dollars today, the highest grossing Christmas film!

Christmas popular films

Most popular family Christmas movie in the UK - Elf: 1.7m searches

Most popular family Christmas movie

The Christmas comedy classic Elf is the most popular family Christmas film in the UK. There were over 1.7 million google searches from people in the UK, over the past 12 months that contained the term ‘Elf’.

Most popular family Christmas movie in the US - The Nightmare Before Christmas: 7.6m searches

Most popular Christmas movie in the US

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the clear winner in the States for the most-googled film on our top 50 list. The stop-motion film had over 7.6 million Google searches in the past 12 months!

Most popular family Christmas movie in Canada - Home Alone: 700k searches

Most popular family Christmas movie in Canada

The most popular family Christmas movie in Canada is Home Alone, with over 700,000 Google searches in the last 12 months.

Most popular family Christmas movie in Australia - The Grinch: 400k searches

Most popular family Christmas movie in Australia

Australia’s most popular movie is the classic tale of a grumpy Christmas-hater who learns the true spirit of the holidays.

There were over 400,000 Google searches made from Australia in the past 12 months containing the term ‘The Grinch’.

Most popular family Christmas movies across the UK

Most popular Christmas movies

These are the most popular family Christmas films in cities over the UK, with the highest average number of searches per month. 

39 cities out of 63 googled ‘Elf’ more than any other family Christmas film on average.

In 22 cities, the most-searched-for film was ‘Home Alone’.

In Bangor and Chichester, it was a tie, with both ‘Elf’ and ‘Home Alone’ receiving the same amount of google searches on average each month!


Using articles from CountryLiving, Rotten Tomatoes Best Christmas Movies, Rotten Tomatoes Modern Christmas Classics, Rotten Tomatoes Best Netflix Christmas Movies and Wikipedia, a list of 50 Christmas movies, rated 12 and under, from 1947-2020 was compiled.

The movies were then analysed based on the following factors: IMDb audience score, Metacritic score, gross box office revenue in the US and Canada adjusted for inflation, cumulative worldwide box office revenue and a 3-point ‘Christmas’ rating. Each film was given an overall score out of 10.

Information on: IMDb audience scores, gross USA and Canada box office revenue and cumulative worldwide gross box office revenue, film release dates and film age ratings was acquired from IMDb.

Data on domestic box office revenue adjusted for inflation was taken from The-Numbers and Box Office Mojo.

Metacritic scores were found on Metacritic. For the Nativity movies, the Rotten Tomatoes critic score was used.

A ‘Christmas’ rating was given to each movie, with ‘3’ indicating the plot centers on Christmast, ‘2’ meaning the film’s themes relate to Christmas and ‘1’ indicating the movie takes place in a snowy setting or during the Christmas holiday.

The number of google search results for each movie title, between October 2020-September 2021, was taken from Google Keyword Planner. The targeted locations included 63 UK cities and 4 countries. Common search terms that could refer to terms other than the movies, including ‘star’ and ‘rent’ were removed.

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