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Since most lockdown restrictions will still be in place at Easter, the occasion must be celebrated at home again this year. However, whilst you may not be heading off to see family or enjoying an Easter Sunday roast dinner in the local pub, there are still plenty of ways to mark the event at home as a family. Read on to find out how to celebrate Easter in 2021.   

Bake Easter treats 

 Easter egg

Keeping the kids entertained this Easter doesn’t have to be a chore. Grab your aprons and whip up some Easter treats. Kids love nothing more than getting creative in the kitchen and letting their inner MasterChef blossom. Easter egg cookies are a good option. With chunks of chocolate or mini eggs added to the mix, they provide a really special Easter sweet. Other ideas for Easter baking recipes include Easter brownie bites and mini hot cross buns. 

Plan an Easter egg hunt

When it comes to traditions, Easter egg hunts are one of the best! Whether you’re using scrummy chocolate eggs or colourful, plastic versions, the activity is fun for babies, toddlers, teens, and even adults. An Easter egg hunt is a great way to bring the whole family together this year. Kids will have a great time hunting for eggs whilst parents will love seeing the sheer joy on their children's faces when they return with their bounty. 

Enjoy Easter-themed arts and crafts

Easter Crafts

Easter is the perfect time to use art and craft supplies with your kids. As well as making decorations to prepare your home for the Easter bunny’s arrival, you could also make great themed gifts for loved ones. You’ll find many Easter craft sets on our site which are sure to give you all the creative inspiration you need. Your kids will love getting artistic as they make cute chicks, lambs, flowers and Easter eggs! You’ll find craft ideas to suit all ages online.

Go for a walk in the Spring sunshine

Over the past year, many people have walked more than they have in their entire lives! However, with Spring arriving and the weather getting warmer, now is the perfect time to get the outdoor toys out! This Easter, enjoy a family walk in the Spring sunshine and watch the world waking up around you as the trees grow their leaves and the plants start to flower. You might even spot some lambs frolicking in the fields if you’re lucky! The UK has so many gardens, parks and countryside to explore this Easter.

Get Gardening  Easter Gardening

Since Easter is all about new beginnings, why not use the occasion to get your kids involved in gardening? Not only does it teach them about plants and nature, but it also encourages nurturing, exercise, and healthy living. A simple planting project is a good place to start. Create a basic seed tray and let them sow their own plants. Try pansies and calendula or sweet peas. They will be so excited as they watch their own plants grow over the weeks and months.
For a more seasonal green-fingered activity, you could grow egg cress heads. Knock the tops off the eggs and empty them, You should keep as much of the shells intact as possible. Wash them, then get the kids to draw faces on them. Dip cotton wool balls in a small amount of water before placing them into the shells. Then sprinkle one tablespoon of cress seeds into each one. Sit shells in eggcups and leave them to dry in a well-lit place for around a week. Making cress egg heads isn’t just a lot of fun; it’s also a great way to introduce the concept of growing food from seeds to your children.

Prepare for the Easter Bunny’s visit

Let’s face it, for many kids, the most exciting aspect of Easter is the Easter Bunny’s arrival. Whilst a big basket full of Easter treats is a sure-fire way to let them know she has been, you can make the event even more special by getting the kids involved the night before. You can help maintain their early childhood belief in this mythical legend by getting them engaged in the story. Explain to them who the Easter Bunny is and then have them leave a carrot and some water out for the bunny. Nibble off the tip of the carrot when everyone’s sleeping. You could even leave “bunny fur” (cotton wool!) around the house, leaving a trail from the front door to their Easter baskets.
Easter will be a little different again this year due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make this occasion special for your whole family There’s lots to do inside and outside of the house, from cooking up delicious Easter treats to enjoying Springtime walks and preparing for the Easter bunny’s arrival. With a little thought and planning, you can make this Easter the best one ever!

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