Blind Bags - Where did it all start?

Blind Bags

What are blind bags?

The latest children's craze popping up everywhere you go, Blind Bags are teeny tiny little toys that come in a wide variety of brands, packaging and sizes. Blind bags are getting more and more popular by the day, with children all over the world collecting and swapping these small figures! 

There isn’t just one type of blind bag to collect, toy companies and brands alike are teaming up together to bring all the latest characters to market! Ranging from all the Disney characters you can think off, Star Wars, Mega Bloks, Noddy, Lego, Spiderman and many more. 

In each series or collection, the number of characters and rarity of characters may vary, our Thomas & Friends Blind Bags have over 50 characters to collect, whereas, in our Noddy Blind Bag collection, there are only 6 characters. The one thing they have in common is you can swap and share with you fellow toy lovers!

Are they collectable?

Blind Bags simply don't just have one usage, they can be used for playing with or collecting to complete a set! You may want to use them as playing figures or try and complete the series, like the Disney Cars Blind bags. When you have collected all 6 cars from the films, you can link the characters together in a cool display circle!

What are the different types of blind bags?

Well, can you remember the first blind bag you opened? It doesn't just have to be in a bag, blind bags come in all different shapes and sizes, they may be purchased as eggs or as boxes! 

Let's not forget what may be inside the surprise bags, each collection may consist of toys, mini-figures and accessories, at PoundToy we even have Minion Power Caps Blind Bags!

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Why do we love blind bags at PoundToy?

We love blind bags of all different shapes and sizes at PoundToy, simply because they are a cheap and easy way of sharing a little gift to a loved one! Whether it's a well-done present for being good, a stocking filler or a little surprise blind bags are perfect for providing fun and smiles for everyone involved.

They're also great for collecting, as parents can introduce some family fun and excitement by helping complete series.

Our Blind Bags...

At PoundToy we have an extensive range of cheap Blind Bags which feature all the best loved character toys. Starting at just £1, Blind Bags make perfect mini figures, collectables and party bag fillers. Browse our Top 10 blind bags below:
Thomas & Friends Blind Bags
Star Wars Blind Bags
Batman Blind Bags
Princess Blind Bag
Marvel Spiderman Blind Bag
Toy Story Blind Bag
Despicable Me Mega Bloks Blind Bags
Marvel Blind Bags
Ninja Turtles Blind Bags
Supermario Blind Bag
Furby Blind Bags
Thanks for reading everyone. Which blind bags are you currently collecting, let us know in the comments?

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  • Sally on

    My little one loves blind bags. We let him have one if he’s been good, like when my parents used to buy me Pokemon cards as a kid. Great idea, just ordered 25 from your site with free delivery :) x

  • James on

    Great blog, I’m currently collecting the Star Wars Blind Bags, me and my little boy are loving it!!

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