Best places to take your children during half term

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Summer is just around the corner and the Easter term holidays take over. I’s time to find some new activities during springtime. When it comes to mustering up ideas of what to do with your family this half term, we’ve got you covered. Keep all the family entertained from the dog to dad and everyone else in between.

Top Places to Visit

A few of the top places to visit during half term are listed below, but we've got some extra exciting activities, so read on to find out more.
- The great outdoors - parks, forests, beaches and the coast.
- The great indoors - bowling, cinema, theatre or even the library.
- Lots of fun - theme parks, water parks, and road trips.
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Be at One with Nature

Even if you live in a city, chances are, there are loads of green spaces near you. You can head out with a picnic, take advantage of your local park or even hop in the car and set out on an adventure by the seaside. From coasts to forests and all the beautiful nature spots in between, there are hundreds of places throughout the UK that will keep the family entertained throughout the holidays.
Did you know that the Woodland Trust offer 100’s of free activities for all the family? They have some fantastic stuff going on from making squirrel-proof bird feeders to tree identifying. And if the typical British weather lets you down, there are lots of craft activities such as colouring sheets and fact-finding quizzes that can be enjoyed indoors. If your children would much rather play with their toys, have a look at our website for a great range of kids toys and take them with you. Perhaps create adventures and games with the toys to make sure that the family is still able to bond.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

It might sound strange, but if you're out and about and your children are at an age that Pokémon is safe to play, why not download the Pokémon Go app and have some fun? It encourages both children and adults to get out and about and walk around while interacting with local points of interest.
However, do remember that while the app itself is free, it will use data and there is the possibility of in-app purchases so make sure you set parental controls including a PIN or even unlink your card details if your child doesn't have their own device.

family on a rollercoaster

Take Advantage of Free Events

If you didn’t already know, National Trust has a whole raft of events happening during half term that are completely free for the whole family. Check out what’s going on in your local area by heading to the National Trust website. There are events from the north of Scotland to the south of England – something for all the family in many locations.
Alternatively, you can visit your local museum, theme park, castle, or zoo. While not all of these activities are free, they will keep you and the little ones occupied all day long. You might actually be surprised as to what's available on your doorstep.

Go on a Real Adventure

A lot of children love an adventure, so getting on a train or even bus to a faraway destination can be great fun. At times you might have to travel for quite sometime, so keep your little ones happy and make them a bag of toys to play with, some colouring books and other activities whilst they travel. A journey full of activities is a fun journey for all. The National Rail's Days Out offer can help you get discounted train tickets. A big adventure is guaranteed to bring fun, laughter and smiles.
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Indoor Activities

If the weather disappoints, which it often does in the UK, that doesn't mean your half term should take a back seat. There are loads of things that can be done from home or in undercover venues. For example, you could create cosy movie days – just get the blankets and popcorn out. Alternatively, if you want out of the house, you can all head to the local cinema for a more immersive experience.
Another favourite half term activity is to go bowling, and you often get great deals midweek with half price and heavily discounted tickets.

Get Sporty this Half Term

Swimming, cycling and even a long country walk can be great activities to connect the whole family as well as getting that all important fresh air. You could get competitive and create small competitions between the members of your family. For example, whoever does the most steps in a week gets a prize. Maybe a new toy or game from PoundToy. We have a great variety of girls toys and boys toys to choose from, may the best family member win.


Soak up Some Culture

There are loads of free museums up and down the country just waiting to be explored, and many of them host special events for children during the break. If you fancy catching a show with your sprogs, check out websites like Groupon or Wowcher for cheap tickets.

Cook Up a Storm

There are plenty of cooking websites out there with budget recipes which can cost you as little as £1 per head. The BBC Good Food website is great for a range of recipes and there are other great sites out there for baking so you and your little ones can cook up some tasty treats!
Take it a step further and go out and pick your own fruit and vegetables. With a number of PYO (pick your own fruit) farms in the UK, there are hundreds to choose from. This can be a fantastic way to teach them all about sustainable living and learning more about where their food comes from.
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Enjoy Each Other

Life goes so fast, particularly as we get older, so enjoy the valuable time that you get to spend with your family, especially while the kids are still young enough to enjoy it. Whether you choose to head out into nature, make forts at home or even get the little ones into cooking delicious dishes, you’ll make wonderful memories.
If you want to give the kids a little special something during the half term holidays or are looking for gift inspiration, PoundToy has everything you need from arts and crafts to games to lots of popular toys, take a look at our amazing toy sale for a place to start. There really is something for every fun-filled occasion.
What are your plans for the half term holidays? Let us know if you have anything special planned for the family down below in the comments...

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