Parents, are you ready for back to school?

back to school tipsWhether it’s been a long summer or whether the time’s flown, sending the kids back to school can creep up on you a little. There are plenty of things to think about from the practical right through to the emotional. So, if you’re starting to panic, where do you start? Read more to find all the best back to school tips.

Get back into routines early

Routines slip over the holidays. Breakfast might be eaten an hour later in pyjamas on the bedroom floor rather than at the table with a sense of urgency in the air. Equally, bedtime might have been nudged later and later as you all enjoyed the possibility of a lie-in. So, establishing that school routine well before school starts again will reduce the stress and tears on the first day back – for you and them.
kids with notebooks

Take them shopping and get them excited

It’s not the easiest thing to get kids excited about going back to school but getting them involved in the process might help. It could be tempting to leave them at home when shopping for school clothes, especially if you know their sizes and know that they don’t need to try anything on. However, taking them with you will not only make the idea of going back to school more real to them, it’ll also help them feel involved.
Another way to get them involved is through buying stationery supplies and other things they’ll need for school. Even if you’re on a budget, these can be obtained cheaply without skimping on the kind of supplies your kids will want. Giving your kids some options to choose from can make them feel involved without breaking the bank, our toy sale has all the latest back to school items and accessories. 

Prepare for homework

One thing that can be a shock to the system (and the smooth-running of the family home) is when the first homework is set. After weeks of playing and having fun, the sudden shock of bringing work home to do can cause some friction. So, set things up ahead of time. Designate a homework space and, before they go back to school, get them into the habit of spending time in that space completing activities. It’ll make the first few weeks less of a shock for everyone.
children doing homework

Set some milestones for the weeks and months ahead

Children need experiences to look forward to and rewards to motivate them to do their best. In the first few weeks back at school, this is especially critical. Little treats don’t have to cost a lot either. At PoundToy, we stock so many small presents in our online pound shop that work brilliantly as mini-rewards for reaching milestones and completing terms. This may be for when they do something well at home, school or sports club. Give them something to look forward to and everyone will happier and more relaxed!
What are your top tips for going back to school? Let us know in the comments box below... 

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